Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How does your child inspire you?

"Education begins the moment we see children as innately wise and capable beings. Only then can we play along in their world."

How does your child inspire you? Their innocence? Their drive and determination? Perseverance? Integrity? Passion?... I encourage you to take a moment and relate your child's behaviours to personality attributes. Here's an example:
  • Our 3 year old snuck into the kitchen at 3am, moved one of the dining room chairs so that he could reach the top shelf, took a bag of mini-marshmellows and a bottle of multivitamins in a child-proof container, and went back in his room...
Sure, there are many things "wrong" with this behaviour and his actions were certainly less than desirable but, through this we can recognize:
  • determination
  • witt
  • intelligence
  • strength - physical and mental
  •  ....
What POSITIVE personality attributes do you see in such actions? I challenge you to think about your child's perhaps less than desirable behaviour or action and be inspired but what their actions highlight about their personality....something to think about. Comment below with your stories. 

In reflecting on our child's behaviour and actions in that moment describes above, we can also take a moment to appreciate, the kid has moves.... for a laugh, watch this clip of his dance moves --- he calls it the "step and jiggle". Have a great day!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Live through the eyes of a child. Be present. Be grateful. Be humble.

Well, I bellyflopped on the 30 day blog challenge but I will try again --- maybe not quite yet, but I will try again. I did recently take a huge leap and post my first You Tube video. Please, check it out below.

I have found myself contemplating a lot recently:
1. What do I want out of life and;
2. How will I get there.

The overwhelming response to this is relatively simple: live through the eyes of a child. Be present. Be grateful. Be humble.

I am very blessed with being built as an exceptionally emotional person. For the longest time I was completely ashamed of this. I am not a "pretty crier". I am a mess. A real, real mess. But, at a funeral I had an epiphany. As I wore my sunglasses throughout the celebration and blubbered uncontrollably, someone commented to me to the effect of, "you're at it again. When I saw you at my dad's funeral I thought, 'wasn't it my dad who died?'..." For the first time in my life, I owned this aspect of myself and respectfully replied, "this is who I am. It is a part of me I cannot control; it does not help to know you are judged but I am proud to show people how much I care." Others who had heard the remarks immediately supported me. I was not seeking validation of any form: I am a firm believer you cannot rely or expect any external validation; you must be empowered from within. For the first time in life, I embraced this core piece of who I am, spoke from the heart and held my head high. That was an empowering moment which certainly came at the most unexpected time and place.

With these emotions, I find myself reaching out more to people and speaking as I do with my children to complete strangers. If someone has said something that touched my heart, I let them know just as my children speak the same. The innocent and pure heartfelt emotions and expressions of a child whether sweet and endearing or frustrated and perhaps more strong-willed is something we should embrace as adults. With that, a toast to pureness, innocence, respect, appreciation and gratitude... Cheers!